Concussed athletes may require extended recuperation time before full recovery, study finds.

Young athletes may need a longer period of time to recover well after a concussion than previously believed, according to a study recently published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Researches from the University of Oregon Department of Human Physiology examined the attention and executive function of 20 athletes measured against  a 20 person control group. Among their findings, concussed participants showed significant impairment on executive function 2 months after injury. The conclusions suggest that athletes should be evaluated for executive function post injury before returned to sports. Dr. Alex Gometz, DPT at Concussion management of NY suggests constant supervision and constant periodical neurocognitive testing before returning to sports and an exertion program. New data available suggests athletes are returning to sports before they are completely safe and should be allowed extended periods of rest for proper healing.  Read complete study details. 

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Ernat March 8, 2013 3:49 am

Arkansas fans have already adsujted their expectations for this season, but if Wilson doesn’t play and the Hogs lose to Rutgers, the fans will go into complete I don’t give a damn mode and apathy will set in. The fans are now hoping for Arkansas to just get to a bowl, and if they lose to Rutgers, most think it won’t happen. Neither do I. If Wilson is deemed healthy by team doctors, he should play, and the Hogs offense should be in max protect most of the game and Paul Petrino should run the ball much more. But Wilson must be on the field for Arkansas to have any chance of winning any more games. I am in favor of Tyler doing what’s best for himself, but I want to see the Hogs win too. Many fans are conflicted on this subject.

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