Our Team

Alex Gometz

Alex Gometz is a triathlete, with experience in sports injury prevention. He has an advanced clinical doctorate degree in rehabilitation with specialty on vestibular and brain injury rehabilitation. Dr. Gometz offers a team approach to concussion management collaborating with neurosurgery, pediatric neurology and neuropsychology providing the best results and highest standards of care.

Our Promise

CMNY is dedicated to assisting parents, athletes, coaches, and schools with a comprehensive yet simple management procedure to accurately understand, identify and collaborate in the correct management of sports-related concussions. Here’s what we do:

  • Diagnosis: Our thorough assessment is geared toward evaluating all aspects of a head injury
  • Treatment: We use all evidence-based treatments and our medical team recommendations. Concussions treatments are carefully executed with components of current vestibular research, transcranial stimulation, sensory integration, hyperbaric and cervicogenic components when needed.
  • Prepare coaches, athletic trainers and school health care coordinators by giving the right tools to understand and handle properly at first sign.
  • Assist in the creation and revision of comprehensive policies and procedures on effectively dealing with concussions.
  • Will conduct a certified baseline test for each student so schools and sports clubs can be better prepared to manage a concussion if it should occur.
  • Complete neuro-assessment In case of Injury a thorough assessment may be required by our Pediatric Neurologist or Neurosurgeon to ensure no aspect is missed in the vast spectrum of concussion assessment and management to ensure a successful outcome in every case.

Don’t take the risk

Concussions can be safely and easily managed, however they can also lead to a life-long of disability or death if not handled promptly and properly.
A concussion is a medical condition and only medical professionals should be trusted to handle it.