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Jasmine March 8, 2013 2:19 pm

I am interested in knownig if the Dept of Defense or VA will pay for a brain scan doneat the Amen Clinic for a Viet Nam Vet suffering from PTSD.I myself have been scanned at your Va. facility and understand the impacthaving the info provided by a brain scan can have on getting the correct treatment.This Vet has tried every program the VA has made available to him with minimallong term relief. So while they pay attention to the Irag & Afghanistan injuries now,they continue to give up on the Viet Nam Vets who are still suffering. And for themit is a never ending battle of being given meds that screw up every other part oftheir bodies and do nothing to heal the brain. I cannot even begin to understandthe pain of 40 years with PTSD and no relief.Needless to say most Viet Nam vets cannot afford the services of the Amen Clinic anddo not have the mental or emotional strength left to try to fight the powers that be onthis one. Is there any hope we could get a program/study going for them?The Amen Clinic has the technology to make a huge difference in these people’slives. How do we go about getting this info to them and getting the scans paid for????I am available to help in any way on this one. Any one who wants to see their pain needonly attend the Viet Nam Vets reunion in Kokomo, Indiana just once. Their pain, stress,anxiety, depression and other service induced illnesses are on display for everyone tosee. Is there anyway the Amen Clinic can assist in getting them the help they neednow that the technology is available??Sincerely,Beverley Allen

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