Pediatricians may be most appropriate for managing concussions

I have a problem calling concussions “minor”. There is nothing minor about a brain injury that can cost children their dreams, normal mental and or physical function, or in some cases can cost them their lives. Even though there is a ton of information now available about concussions, which I’m glad to finally see, I still have some serious concerns. There are few cases of what I call hyper-awareness and it can lead to chaos. Hyper-awareness and ignorance is causing some concussed young athletes unintended neglect as they pass from one expert to another. Instead of treating a concussion like a “hot potato” condition (“it’s not mine”), professionals who receive concussed athletes should treat it delicately and focus on allowing the patient to heal properly.

Fortunately, pediatricians are starting to catch up and get assistance with formulating customized resting for concussed patients. They do this by relying on neurocognitive and vestibular assessment, baseline assessment and educated parents and teachers. Then the pediatricians can take better charge.

Rest is well understood now to allow a concussed brain its return to normal state of homeostasis. Rest attenuates the typical storm of neurotransmitters that overwhelms and inhibits the brain during a concussion.  Treatment however does not happen at the doctors office and very rarely it requires medication. What allows the developing brain to heal is strict following of the customized resting formulated at the school and at home as I presented to Dr. Nguyen, Smoak, and Jennifer Baxley at Charlotte Pediatric Clinic-Steele Creek located in Charlotte, NC.

Provided that major or more catastrophic injury was cleared, immediately after the injury, and prevention from exposure to another injury while healing, concussion treatment and management should stay at the watchful eye of the pediatrician who, to begin with, knows their young patients best.

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Tanja March 8, 2013 3:38 pm

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Kamal March 10, 2013 12:45 pm

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