Concussion Awareness & Management Certification for Coaches and Trainers

 The Concussion Management and Awareness Act, specifically Chapter 496 of the Laws of 2011, requires the Commissioner of Education, in conjunction with the Commissioner of Health, to promulgate rules and regulations related to students who sustain a concussion. The law also requires that school coaches, physical education teachers, nurses, and certified athletic trainers complete New York State Education Department (NYSED) approved courses on concussions and concussion management every two years.

CMNY is conducting the NYSED concussion management certification. The same course offered to the Athletic Trainer program at Long Island University is now offered to school coaches as required by law in 2012.

 This course is comprehensive but brief. It includes all the required review of the procedures, baseline testing information, and concussion management procedures.

This mandatory course for all schools will prepare you for:

  • Properly identifying a concussion in and out of the field
  • Basic understanding of the related anatomy of a concussion
  • Signs and symptoms of a concussion
  • On the field evaluation, and appropriate responses
  • Understanding baseline testing
  • Audio/visual case scenarios
  • Prevention strategies
  • How to develop a policy for your school

There will be a quiz and all certificates will be mailed next day.

Call today to schedule certification in your school:  212 717 8331

2 thoughts on “Certification

  1. I had a concussion when I was 9. I was out of it for like a week. Why all the atoittenn regarding concussions now? The people who played sports back in the day after adults now. Surely they’ve had concussions and are OK. I don’t see the fuss.

  2. Dear Dr.Amen,My 15 year old son is still recovering from his 4th coisucsnon which occured in 11/07. He doctors with the UPMC coisucsnon clinic in Pgh, Pa./ Dr. Mickey Collins. Michael has been taken out of school for months for three seperate coisucsnons. He has lingering dizziness, fogginess, headaches, fatigue, hand tremors and cognitive deficiencies. He is recovering very slowly. His post coisucsnon syndrome has become an unofficial disability for him and he can never live as a normal teenage boy due to complications. He was perfectly normal before all this happened to him. Would you like to know more? Can you offer us any advice to help prevent future brain problems for Michael besides don’t get hit again? I am very interested in post coisucsnon treatment and new findings on this subject. Please advise me.Michelle Mullen

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