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Current state of diagnostic testing in concussion management

Posted 2 February 2014 by prehab

Returning an athlete to the game should imply that who ever made the decision fully understands the nuances of the concussion. 

There are many ways we collect quantitative information that gets us closer to understanding the areas affected after brain injury. The information however needs to be interpreted and understood well to determine the type of rehabilitation that well assists injured individuals on returning their brain to pre injury state. In this attached manuscript, we are reviewing the state of concussion testing, diagnostic rating scales and tools available to identify the nuances of concussions. At Concussion Management of New York we are clinician rather than test centered. We utilize these tools collectively or individually when most appropriate.

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Lasting effects after mild concussions

Posted 22 November 2013 by prehab

Abnormal brain structural patterns persist months after clinical symptoms had resolved from a mild concussion researchers found at the Lovelace Biomedical and Environmental Research Institute in Albuquerque, N.M.

Dr. Mayer and colleagues examined the underlying pathophysiology of mild traumatic brain injury through changes in gray matter diffusion and atrophy during the semiacute stage and found evidence that structural changes persist long past the improvement in neuropsychological tests. In a study that involved 50 participants, 26 patients showed evidence of increased cortical gray matter anisotropic diffusion 4 months post injury.

See full study

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The North Park Hockey League teams up with Concussion Management of NY

Posted 3 October 2013 by prehab

The North Park Hockey League feels it is vital to do what is best for the athletes and at this time is recommending concussion baseline testing before each season. With the recent focus on the negative effects of concussions on the long-term health of athletes, especially of those athletes in the most physical contact sports like hockey, they felt if was time to team up with a company that delivers the most reliable test procedure. The North Park Hockey League is one step up relying on brain injury experts with no ties to one test but what is best for each individual from baseline testing, clinical assessments and management at Concussion Management of New York.

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New study on concussions highlights the danger for girls

Posted 29 December 2012 by prehab

New research in the latest issue of The American Journal of Sports Medicine shows that female athletes may be particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of a concussion. The research found that younger athletes and those who are female show more symptoms and take longer to recover from a concussion than athletes who are male or older.

Read the complete article.


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Hillary Clinton has a Concussion!

Posted 15 December 2012 by prehab

During a fainting episode due to dehydration Hillary Rodham Clinton sustained a concussion. I’m going to guess she didn’t have a baseline test. Read the full article. NYT

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