Concussion Post-Injury Assessment & Management

Concussion Post-Injury Assessment & Management

At Concussion Management of New York (CMNY), we offer a comprehensive post-injury management program for the best chance at fast recovery and a safe return to sports participation.

Assessment of injury will include;

  • Neurocognitive, vestibulo-ocular and physical re-assessment.
  • Baseline comparison analysis.
  • School and home recommendations prescription based on customized approach.
  • Collaboration with primary care physician, neurologist or pediatrician for accurate implementation of treatment recommendations and safe return to sports
  • Gradual physical exertion training and testing, once symptom free, for appropriate return to participation as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Full progress report.

Treatment by certified therapists can include;

  • Manual or mechanical cervical traction
  • Cold and/or Class IV K-Laser treatment
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Sensory Reintegration
  • Photobiomodulation Alpha Light Stimulation therapy
  • Transcutaneous Stimulation
  • Motor-cognitive and reaction time therapy via sensors
  • Brain- health yoga and meditation
  • Sports- specific agility for return to play

Note:Medical assessment by family or sports MD is a must with all head injuries. CMofNY will recommend one with expertise in brain injury and trained in concussion management.

When should my child be evaluated if concussion is suspected?

In the case that your child presents with vomiting, severe or progressive headache, dizziness, confusion, sensitivity to light or sound and or memory loss call 911 or see the nearest emergency room for immediate assessment. Following assessment, contact us for a follow up as we will provide management of symptoms and will review recommendations for school.

At CMNY we recommend our thorough post concussion assessment within the first 48 hours for best understanding of the condition and assistance in post injury recovery. Contact us at soon as possible after the physician or emergency room check up at 212 717 8331