Day: April 27, 2015

Impacts post concussion with dual-task gait balance control

Posted 27 April 2015 by prehab

As there is a continuation of recognition of concussions in the adolescent populations there is still not current agreed upon regulations for return to activity post concussion. It has previously been hypothesized that gait stability during dual-task walking may be particularly sensitive to long-term disruptions after concussions. This study looked at a cohort of adolescents who returned to activity within 2 months of their injury. The participant’s cognition, symptom severity, and balance control during single-task and dual-task walking was observed before and after returning to pre-injury activities. In regards to balance, this study found the participants to have an increased medial/lateral center of mass displacement and velocity during dual-task walking after they returned to their pre-injury activities. See full study

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