Month: August 2014

Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening in Assessing Concussions

Posted 29 August 2014 by prehab

There has been evidence that the vestibular system is implicated in sports-related concussions. The vestibulospinal tract (ie balance) is most often tested but the vestibulo-ocular system may also be affected but is not as often tested. A study was done using the Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS) assessment, comparing patients with sports-related concussion with a control group of healthy individuals to identify the validity of this screen in identifying vestibular-ocular motor impairments in patients with concussions.  It was shown to be a good predictor of vestibular and ocular motor impairments in post-concussion patients. It may be a useful tool as an adjunct with the current concussion management screening tools. See original study.

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Concussion rehab focusing on the inner ear and cervical spine

Posted 6 August 2014 by prehab

As the impact of concussions become more known in sports a major factor to look at has been time to return to sport. The researchers at the Sports Injury Prevention Research Center of University of Calgary looked at the effects of rehabilitating the cervical spine and vestibular system in a cohort of post-concussed athletes between the ages of 12-30 and the amount of time until they were medically cleared to return to sport.  18 males and 13 females were randomized between the control group and the intervention group. The intervention group received cervical spine and vestibular rehabilitation for 8-weeks or until they were medically cleared. Of the patients receiving therapy 73% were medically cleared to return to their sport in 8 weeks compared to only 4% of the control group.  An article discussing this study was written in the Globe and Mail or See original study

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