Month: July 2014

NMDA Receptors and the Working Memory

Posted 22 July 2014 by prehab

The Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC) is responsible for executive functions including working memory, cognitive flexibility, planning, inhibition and abstract reasoning. There has been extensive research of studies on glutamate receptor mechanisms underlying classic neuroplasticity, but few on NMDA receptors mediating the recurrent excitatory circuits underlying working memory in the dlPFC. This is significant to aging and Alzheimer’s because of the decline in expression of NMDA receptors in the dlPFC could be related to impaired cognition. To reach further see article.

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Oculomotor Control and Balance Post-Concussion

Posted 2 July 2014 by prehab

Vestibular dysfunction post-concussion could be a major cause of balance disturbances. This study compares athletes post-concussion, athletes without a history of concussions and their oculomotor control during postural control. Athletes post-concussion had a reduced ability to stabilize a fixed eye position during balance testing. See attached study

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