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“Welcome to Concussion Management of New York (CMNY). Our focus is on diagnosing and managing concussions in younger individuals participating in sports and schools across America.                                                   

Alex Gometz is a triathlete, with experience in sports injury prevention. He has an advanced clinical doctorate degree in rehabilitation with specialty on vestibular and brain injury rehabilitation. Dr. Gometz offers a team approach to concussion management collaborating with neurosurgery, pediatric neurology and neuropsychology providing the best results and highest standards of care.

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In New York State for 2009: Approximately 50,500 children under the age of 19 visited the emergency room for traumatic brain injury and of those, approximately 3,000 were hospitalized. Researchers estimate that each year approximately 3.2 million concussions occur in the United States, with 136,000 in high school–aged individuals alone. (CDC resources)

What is the risk in our Schools?

Lack of resources and qualified practitioners in our schools increase chances for less desirable recovery results.


  • can have catastrophic results in younger athletes, if not treated properly, due to their brain’s early stage of development.
  • lack a sense of urgency as compared to other injuries in schools and therefore have less allocated resources and funding.
  • are not identified accurately and quickly on the field due to lack of education.

The CMNY Approach To Knocking Out Concussions

At CMNY, our team of neurosurgeon, pediatricians, pediatric neurologist, and trained therapists in neurocognitive testing and vestibular rehabilitation will effectively address all aspects of concussions. Our comprehensive baseline assessments are carefully conducted and certified. Post injury diagnosis and thorough evaluation will follow recommendations, treatment with the latest and most efficient techniques and technology, as well as nutrition recommendations. Reintegration therapy required for safe return to learning and sports is carefully tailored to each individual in constant collaboration with the medical team. The short process is carefully executed and supervised until all goals are achieved.

Our Promise

CMNY is dedicated to assisting schools and coaches and athletes with a comprehensive yet simple management procedure to accurately understand, identify and collaborate in the correct management of sports-related concussions. Here’s what we do:

  • Diagnosis: Our thorough assessment is geared toward evaluating all aspects of a head injury
  • Treatment: We use all evidence-based treatments and our medical team recommendations. Concussions treatments are carefully executed with components of current vestibular research, transcranial stimulation, sensory integration, hyperbaric and cervicogenic components when needed.
  • Prepare coaches, trainers and school health care coordinators by giving the right tools to understand and handle properly at first sign.
  • Assist in the creation and revision of comprehensive policies and procedures on effectively dealing with concussions.
  • Will conduct a certified baseline test for each student so schools and sports clubs can be better prepared to manage a concussion if it should occur.
  • Complete neuro-assessment In case of Injury a thorough assessment may be required by our Pediatric Neurologist or Neurosurgeon to ensure no aspect is missed in the vast expectrum of concussion assessment and management to ensure a successful outcome in every case.

Don’t take the risk

Concussions can be safely and easily managed, however they can also lead to a life-long of disability or death if not handled promptly and properly.

A concussion is a medical condition and only medical professionals should be trusted to handle it.

Call Concussion Management of New York for consultation at  212 717 8331

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  1. My son received a concussion in a non-sports related injury last year. We are looking for someone that can treat him. Many of the doctors we have contacted and consulted on deal with sports-related injuries. He was seen in the ER and we followed up with a neurologist. We were told time will heal… almost a year later my 17 year old is suffering from debilitating headaches and increased memory loss. My son was playing airsoft with friends and he was hit by a dirt bike going about 30 miles per hour. He didn’t remember hitting his head only that he hurt his wrist, It’s frustrating we cannot get the proper care for him.

    • Hi Julia. I will be happy to assist steering you in the right direction. What you need is some one who can spend some time in evaluating what is best. I will be happy to talk to you on the phone to get some information an help you find the right person to finally get him better. There is very little information out there and lots of time wasters.
      Call my office tomorrow the 14th.
      Same number on the site.

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