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Our focus is diagnosing and managing concussions in the athletic population to ensure safe and timely return to play.

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What is the risk in our Schools?

Lack of resources and qualified practitioners in our schools increase chances for less desirable recovery results.

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  • In New York State for 2009: Approximately 50,500 children under the age of 19 visited the emergency room for traumatic brain injury and of those, approximately 3,000 were hospitalized. Researchers estimate that each year approximately 3.2 million concussions occur in the United States, with 136,000 in high school–aged individuals alone. (CDC resources)

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Concussion Baseline Services

Concussion Baseline Services

A baseline test refers to neurocognitive testing under normal conditions before injury

Concussion Post-Injury Assessment & Management

Concussion Post-Injury Assessment & Management

At Concussion Management of New York (CMNY), we offer a comprehensive

Education and Awareness Programs

Education and Awareness Programs

Training and Education Workshops for Parents, Teams, and Coaches. As a